Fall menu

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October 16, 2013 by beanerbar

IMG_0103Fall Specialty Menu

“The Great Pumpkin” Spiced Latte – Two shots of espresso combined with a tasty pumpkin spice syrup,Dash of White Chocolate, latte milk and topped with a dash of cinnamon . Just what you need for that perfect fall day.

“El Norte” Maple Syrup Latte – Two shots of espresso added to organic grade A maple syrup and latte milk. Topped with little pieces of Bacon! YES BACON!  The perfect amount of natural sweetness!

“El Blanquito” White Chocolate Chai – Rich white chocolate goodness added to your favorite chai latte.

Chai Wa-Wa – Espresso added to a combination of chai and spicy Mexican chocolate, then filled up with steamed latte milk. Available in 8 oz. size only. Any bigger would be illegal!

“The Low n’ Slow” Spicy Chocolate Chai – Just like the chai wa-wa, but without the espresso kick! A whole different experience.

Hot Cider – One of the best things that comes out of the Fall season. Try it iced!

*Add a little “Mama’s Miel” To your Lemon Ginger or Chamomile Tea to help kick that     Cold and flu! * add .50  



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