September~Coffee of the month~ Forty Six

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October 9, 2014 by beanerbar



Reclaiming dark roasts from the realm of less-than-great coffee, we take some of our best and roast them with care in Forty-Six to create something complex, sweet, clean, smoky, and nuanced. This coffee was originally recipe #46; hence the name.
Coffee blends need to change in order to stay the same. In order to maintain a particular flavor profile, you have to monitor the flavors of the component coffees and roasts in the blend. We do that with singular focus, identifying the flavors that make Forty-Six delicious, finding freshly harvested coffees that have those flavors, and bringing them together in an intentional way.
In 2007, we were able to certify Forty-Six as organic, adding the dimension of sustainability to its attributes.

Explanation of the Name

During the early days of Counter Culture’s existence, the late Fred Houk—co-founder and coffee guy—set out to create a blend to impress a friend and potential customer. Fred and his friend both loved the blend, and then-roaster Daryn Berlin filed the recipe away, identified only with the number 46.
For years, as Counter Culture grew and experimented with other blends, Forty-Six emerged as a perennial favorite for fans of nuanced, complex darker roast.


Blend Components: *preblended 60% Proisch, Mexico;
32% Idido, Ethiopia;
8% Banko Gotiti Natural Sundried, Ethiopia

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