July~ Coffee of the month- Cinco de Junio

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August 12, 2015 by beanerbar



The Cinco de Junio cooperative of Las Sabanas, Nicaragua, has been one of our strongest partnerships over the past six years. This year, growers worked especially hard on plant health to address challenges that negatively impacted quality in the past few years. Their hard work is showcased in this coffee, which we believe is one of the best they have ever produced. Notes of hazelnut, apple, and toffee.

Cooperative’s History

The Cinco de Junio cooperative was founded on June 5, 2001. After a few years of poor financial decision-making, the organization lost the confidence of its members and lapsed in 2004, to be reformed and renewed in 2007 with new leadership, a commitment to transparency, and visions of developing stronger relationships with everyone from members to buyers. We first tasted coffee from Cinco de Junio in 2009, when a graduate student spending his summer working with the Fabretto Children’s Foundation sent us an unexpectedly delicious sample from one of the producers in the co-op (whose coffee would go on to take second place in the 2010 Cup of Excellence Nicaragua!). We visited Las Sabanas for the first time in October of that year, and ever since we have been deeply involved in building the infrastructure of the co-op. This lot comes from the organic members of Cinco de Junio.

The cooperative has many strong leaders, and Orlando Hoyes, who currently serves as the president, stands out among them for his passion, earnestness, and responsibility.

Also crucial to the existence and continued function of the cooperative is a non-governmental organization called the Fabretto Children’s Foundation (FCF), which has been working in the communities around the cooperative for almost 30 years. Though primarily focused on strengthening schools and educating children, Fabretto helps the cooperative in innumerable ways: from getting the group on its feet financially four years ago and communicating with roasters (like us), to providing the cooperative with credit so that they can buy coffee from farmers and providing transportation for coffee and cooperative members. FCF has and continues to play a significant role in the co-op’s success.


Las Sabanas, Nicaragua
The cooperative’s office in the small community of Las Sabanas, in the region of Madríz, not far from the Honduran border. Most of the members of the co-op live in and around the communities of Las Sabanas and San José de Cusmapa, which is the highest-altitude municipality in Nicaragua. The climate is cool and dry, with lots of pine trees.


Variety: Caturra (Less than 15% of Typica, Catuai, and Maragojipe)
Elevation: 1,15–1,450 meters
Post-Harvest Process: Washed
Certification: Certified Organic • Counter Culture Direct Trade Certified

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